The 10 Class Flexi Pass


Yoga when it meets your schedule! – No Membership

$200 for 10 classes valid anytime over 4 months!


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Yoga Flexi Pass

10 Yoga Classes when you want over 4 months.

We realise that for some people membership and direct debits just don’t fit their lifestyle or their cash flow. You might have to travel a lot for your work or have other activities that make attending yoga classes on a regular basis just too difficult. The 10 class flexi pass is the alternative. You attend when you can and when you want. Flexible for your style of living.

Over 24 casual classes to choose from each week (workshops and courses not allowed)
All types of class available from beginners to advanced
Exclusive to YHC – Valid for anytime over 4 months!
 That means you don’t need to attend even once a week.
 These passes are renewable
✓ Mona Vale Studio – 3hr parking avaliable at Woolworth

Get a Flexi Pass today and enjoy your Yoga whenever you want to!
Save $50 on our casual class rates.

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